self-proclaimed somm•(elier): white bourdeaux

The easiest way I can describe White Boudreaux is Sauvignon Blanc but elevated. In fact, it may even be Sauvignon Blanc the panel is still out. They are both white wines that originate from the region in France known as Boudreaux.

stay classy, Boudreaux.

What makes White Boudreaux different is its rarity. It accounts for only 8% of the wine produced in the Boudreaux region, and we somewhat covered this in the previous post, but Boudreaux produces A LOT of wine. If you see it on the shelf at your local wine shop, it’s best to grab it because chances are it will be good no matter the brand.

Despite its exclusivity, White Boudreaux stays at a pretty reasonable price range for a respectable white blend, especially if you compare it to its cousin White Burgundy which will surely run you at least $25. You can get White Boudreaux starting at around the $15 price point. So now that we know, it’s an exclusive, reasonable-priced white blend. What can we expect to get in the tasting palate? The answer is it depends. This wine comes with sweet flavor notes and dry, which means there is something here for everyone. Whether you try it dry or sweet, you can expect it to be bursting with a fresh, clean flavor.

I always think of White Boudreaux as having the flavor equivalent of a pause. You know how you can be speaking to someone, but pause for just a moment to get your composure together? White Boudreaux does the same thing for your meal. If you eat something flavorful, each sip will command your full attention away from the meal; it’s that powerful a refresher.

White Boudreaux is no doubt impressive. From its exclusivity to its flavor palate, it’s a head-turner and will give your event or gathering a little extra “oomph” that says I’m a sophisticate, and I’m putting it out there for the world to see. If you pull back the curtain on White Boudreaux, you’ll find it’s a blend of some of the finest Boudreaux has to offer, including an often-overlooked oldie but goodie blending grape, the Muscadelle. Now let’s talk about the flavor profile more in-depth. According to The Wine Cellars Insider:

Tasting Notes:
Fresh, Citrus, along with Sweet Fruits, Honey and Spice characteristics
Floral; Complex Perfume
“White Bordeaux wine is complex and age-worthy. When young, tasters enjoy pronounced sensations of flowers, citrus, vanilla, lemon, crushed rocks, grapefruit, and lime. As white Bordeaux wine ages, the color deepens, and the wine takes on additional characteristics of freshly cut lawn grass, honey, minerality, spice, and butterscotch”
“Most seafood dishes make perfect pairings. Chicken, veal, pork, sushi, crudo, and semi, spicy dishes are great matches for white Bordeaux wine. White Bordeaux wine and sushi can be a perfect pairing. White Bordeaux with raw oysters is another perfect wine and food pairing. Most soft, hard, or dry cheeses will also offer great wine and food pairings when served with white Bordeaux wine.”

My Take:
White Bordeaux offers some serious bang for your buck. Spring is pulling up. What we’ve done for Rosé in the summertime? We need to do that for White Bordeaux in the spring. This is definitely a wine meant to be shared amongst groups of like-minded individuals. It will bring everyone into the moment with its crisp, distinct appeal. If you haven’t tried it already, I recommend you do that now. I mentioned its exclusivity, but personally, I’ve found it to be more readily available than Marsanne, which I covered in my last post. That’s a great thing if you are looking for an alternative that’s less of a hassle to find. I recommend it as my second favorite choice in fine (but affordable) wine when there is no Marsanne available. That means you can go out and buy this wine today (note: buying two bottles is recommended). You’ll need to try it yourself, and I’m sure you’ll want to repeat it at your next (socially distanced) gathering soon. Cheers!

Carmen is a public servant, retired from the bureaucracy. She is a culture and lifestyle writer and a self-proclaimed “black” enthusiast who really enjoys the two “Ws” in life wine and wellness. When she is not teaching yoga classes she uses Medium to write her memoirs in real time. She can be reached by visiting or via email at




a public servant, retired from the bureaucracy | writing my memoirs in real time | culture, wellness, lifestyle

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Carmen C.

Carmen C.

a public servant, retired from the bureaucracy | writing my memoirs in real time | culture, wellness, lifestyle

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